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First, lets clear something up.

You should change the 2 instances of W to M so the code will apply to your file system.

In your original question you gave examples like this:
I don't have an M:\ drive so I used my W:\ drive for testing but forgot to change the letters in my code to match your question.
Sorry about that chief.

A] %filename% at the end is only there for a comparison, to see whether or not the results are what is desired.

B] "CorrectDrive", "NumberOfParts" and "SecondPart" are the names of variables that contain the results of a sub-string. They can be anything. But the words will not be displayed. See the documentation about $puts $put and $get.

C] No. Every YES and NO is part of the code. They also could be anything, but you may notice that they are part of $if functions. YES and NO are the possible answers to the question asked by the $if functions.

D] No. See above. Don't change them.

E] Yes. SOME_INDICATOR is whatever you want to see. And if you don't see that, you'll see BLANK

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