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Originally Posted by Wineroz View Post
.....And it works. I can stick literally right next to it my previous ATF code and see that triangle whenever a file is residing in... folder M of drive M. Was that your intention?....
I had no intention except to meet the requirements that were indicated by your previous questions and examples.

Originally Posted by Wineroz View Post
...if your >>W<< meant drive and my >>M<< means folder - how is that possible? All my files are on drive >>M<< but those which are to be marked with my triangle indicator are residing only in folder >>M<<.....
It seemed you were interested in files that were in M:\ or M:\M. Therefore, M could be the drive letter and/or the name of a folder.
I had no details of your file system so I assumed the drive could be anything and the next folder (SecondPart) could be anything.
In the code, the variable name "SecondPart" means "the 2nd part of the file path", which is a folder.

If all your files are always on drive M, then the code that deals with "CorrectDrive" is probably unnecessary.

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