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Volume nudge script

Okay, so I'm running Winamp on Windows 7 and I have some 5.1 speakers connected to my onboard Realtek - I'm using Realtek 3D SoundBack to make Winamp work on the 5.1 properly - all good so far.

However, every time the track changes (next track, stop/play, etc.) the volume is somehow reset to some maximum loud volume and it doesn't go back to where it should be until the winamp volume is changed (up or down). I've looked high and low for a solution, to no avail - so now I'm here...

Basically I'm wondering if it's possible to have some extremely simple plug-in/script that will nudge the volume up and then down by 1% every time a track starts playing - this would fix the problem.

I've dabbled in programming before but I'm nowhere near being able to knock something like this together in a hurry and it doesn't seem like it's worth spending hours on getting used to the Winamp environment and etc. just to ultimately write 5 lines of code or something. So is there anyone here who would be extremely kind and help me out if this is something that can be done very easily?

If you're interested in doing it but only like working for money I'll gladly pay (if I'm allowed to make such statements here?) - email me at if you're one of those people

Note: disabling volume changes by winamp isn't an option - I have 3 sound devices and I need to use specific global hotkeys to control winamp volume.
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