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Winamp 2.95 with Shoutcast DNAS 2

As all know shoutcast public directory, as well as some browsers like chrome (and firefox probably soon as well) started banning radio stations that use DNAS v1 (needles to say this is a damn wild thing, that disscussion can be found here but that's not the point of this thread).

I have spent many hours, if not days and months, gradually configuring my Winamp 2.95 with all plugins like crossfading, sound normalization, playlist management, etc. to a perfect state.

Now, rather than redoing all that immense work again I'd just simply give up the idea of keeping my radio station.

Yet, i look forward with hope for a way to keep my Winamp 2.95 with Shoutcast DNAS v1 and still get listed in shoutcast public directory, and have my music played in chrome.

So my question is will my Winamp 2.95 work with Shoutcast DNAS 2, even if with limited functionality?

I absolutely have no need for all that fancy functionality of DNAS 2, all i need is my station playable and listed in shoucast public directory, as well as playable in browsers like chrome.

Perhaps a tool that would allow me to re-stream from DNAS 1 to DNAS 2 would help, but googling about it gave no result.

Thanks a lot.
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