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No worries, I see your point and all comments, suggestions are welcome and I'm trying my best to explain things.

It's true, blindly backing up the unmodified MilkDropp presets, which are shipped in Winamp's installer isn't ideal.

But how can I decide between .milk files, which were part of Winamp's installer and .milk files, which were saved by the user? Even if I would only backup modified files, I cannot decide between standard and user presets.

Or shall I include an exclusion list for about 200+ files?

Some things are a bit tricky.

Will have a look at the xml stuff and try to implement it. But I still think, like discussed outside this thread, that we have a Backup Tool, no Winamp Profile Repair Tool. :P

I guess I've fixed your backup issue for a user set skin dir. Hopefully I see you later to give you a test build. If things works well then, I roll out a Beta 5 today.
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