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Wow, thanks for your great feedback, much appreciated!

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
having to pick custom, then previous from the drop down is kinda roundabout imo.
You must use custom mode and make selections for the previous mode. This is limited by design.

Will think about a possible 'Previous Mode' option. But no promise.

when a backup is done, adding an "open folder to backup file" button would be a nice touch, instead of just "close" so that a user could copy it, move it, manipulate it etc... once made.
Sounds interesting, will think about the best solution to provide this feature.

is there a version checker yet? you guys were talking about problems when trying to restore older settings to a newer winamp install. i think it would be good if the backup tool was aware of what ver winamp you had installed, and what ver the backup file represented.
Not yet and not for 1.0. It's on the ToDo list in my first postings. But we've already implemented much more features, than we originally have planned for 1.0.

It will come, but not for the first version.

any thought given to duplicating the backup file? what i mean is perhaps the tool should create the backup file to the "hidden" default roaming folder location, and then simply copy that backup once made to the user specified dir. this would automate a backup of the backup, which would help allay fears koopa had about the user specifying the backup dir
User specific path selection is done in a pretty secure way. So I don't fear it anymore.

In future, when we *may* implement zip file support, it will be worked on it again. But for now, we won't touch that code again.

No End user could expect, how many code is needed for such a simple 'Let the user decide where to put stuff' thing.

instead of saying "choose backup folder" i think its more precise to say "choose backup file's folder location" it was a bit confusing when doing a restore.
I'm already reviewing the English language file.

There are other parts, which need some fine tuning.

As for the visualizations. Originally, I even won't add Skins to the Tool, but a good Backup Tool should be able to save all custom stuff, including color themes, icon packs and presets.

Especially MilkDrop presets. You can rate MilkDrop presets via +/- keys. But he rating is stored in the preset file. So everytime you upgrade Winamp, all ratings are lost.

The Backup Tool is a good solution to keep the ratings.
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