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Originally Posted by PepeSoft View Post
Thanks for your feedback. We need more
I like 3 mode idea (1 - automatic (backup all data), 2 - Custom (user can decide what he want to backup), 3 - Previous (backuping last used settings, via components page).

i am testing on vista ult 32bit btw.

Originally Posted by PepeSoft View Post
Also, I think I will implement some verbosing level, for backup/restore logging process...

Also, about opening the backup folder after backup process... I thought about creating special page, that will let user open that dir, run winamp and maybe show short statistics, like "copied 3 skins, 34 milkdrop presets etc...).
How do you think guys?

Something like this:
i love these changes / suggestions!


the "show full log on backp/restore process" checkbox that to show you what you currently see now when executing the app? b/c if so, i think it should be checked by default. (i think it would also be good to have it create a log txt file in the backup apps folder, so it could be used/checked later to see if there were any problems)

also, i'd rewrite this: "Backup/Restore depends on last used settings" to say "Backup/Restore uses last used settings" or "Backup/Restore uses last user specified settings"

i love the stats screen, and the two checkboxes are good options, however you could add the 'save location' to the stats screen, and i would rather just have three buttons:

1. open backup folder (and close)
2. close and start winamp
3. close

maybe reverse two and three, but 3 buttons would mean just one click needed, (i'm into reducing clicks).


also, when releasing the final ver, i think it would be smart to match the backup app's ver number to match the winamp release version. so assuming this comes out of beta soon, i'd call it "winamp backup tool ver 5.572c" and there would be no doubt as to what ver of winamp the tool was meant to work with.

the "c" would serve as a way for you guys to make changes within the same winamp release. so when it is out of beta, call it ver 5.572c, and then if you make bugfixes or add version checking or whatever, increment the letter, 5.572d, 5.572e etc... [avoid a and b to avoid alpha/beta confusion, unless they are alphas or betas]


this thing has come a long way fast! i think it will be the #1 download for any hardcore winamp user.

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