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What Ive done with ActiveWinamp is try to map as much as possible that is possible under the Winamp API into a COM interface with a pretty much 1:1 match.

You can do complex queiries on the media library, becase the media library lets you do those queries. The playlist and 'send to' items etc do not give you this possibility because its not possible under the Winamp API. You would have to do it yourself using your own code regardless of whether you are using ActiveWinamp or not. Generally speaking, if somethings complicated to do using ActiveWinamp, you would probably have to jump through similar hoops just using the normal Winamp API. (this doesnt apply to more complicated hooking tricks etc however).

Stats support also isnt supported under Winamp, you would need to do this yourself normally. I wouldnt want to automatically generate these stats, as it would slow it down for when you dont want these stats.

Its possible I could add some support functions which let you pass in an array of media items to generate some stats etc. However the idea of ActiveWinamp is it lets you write the code and do things the way you want them done, without using prewritten stuff. Basically you are making use of the primitive Winamp API, but without having to deal with all the crap and technicalities that usually goes along with writing a plugin.

-sendto: I guess that Winamp doesnt signal the menu item if nothing is selected, so ActiveWinamp wont run the script. The checks are just done for the sake of logic, and perhaps if you try run the script using 'runscript()' or something I guess.

Note Getsendtoitems() returns the collection of items that was last selected when a "script:" menu item was chosen. When running a script from the 'send to' menu, this is obviously the items that are currently selected. However if you call 'GetSendToItems()' at other times, (ie from playlist_* scripts) you will get the last selection.
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