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Shoutcast questions. I need help I have questions

Hello everyone.

I hope you guys can help me. Please be patient with me. I have a lot of questions.

so here go.

I have joined on with this non profit group and I was offering to help them get their internet radio station going. The admin has given me her access to look over the site. I of course i have no idea what I am looking at. it shows me analytics and memory info.

1st question: If I'm going to be a dj for this radio program do i need to sign up and create a shoutcast account? I think i read i have to load winamp plugins as well, is that correct?

2nd question: Music!! I've talked to her about BMI etc etc. she says we don't need because its in the shoutcast package. I dont see any indication of that. then ive read that with internet radio you can get by playing licensed if its just one song from an artist and you cant do a whole album. can you please advise

thats all for now. there will be more.
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