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You understand it fine, you just don't LIKE it. It's like someone who hates to see you eat a leftover meal they cooked up without reheating it, because they feel like you're ruining all their hard work. My mother used to get all worked up when my brother or I did that, and we didn't understand why; now my brother's turning into a chef and understands the feeling. Thing is, if there's no microwave around (i.e. a running computer by your DVD/bluray player), most people would rather eat visualizations cold than starve.

You guys don't realize how far you could get as a team in the stock art market if you just put some minimal effort into rendering indefinitely-high quality imagery to video rather than assuming everyone in the world has a high-processor computer with a major operating system installed in or lying next to their TV/screen/projector/iFoo/etc... People pay hundreds, even thousands of $$$ (and I don't mean Perl prompts) for the types of effects Milkdrop does for free. Winamp visualizations are like fireflies you can't catch, especially to people who aren't tech-savvy.

It's almost like you're trying too hard, like you're building android bodies out of gold then installing AOL instant messaging bots for brains to tell people what the weather is. There are a BILLION scenarios in which people would love to listen to their favorite music presynched well to visual effects rather than this choppy guesswork, never mind the people who don't even care if a song is playing and just want some great visuals to work with creatively.
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