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Metaphor for martin. Let's say you take all the special effects out of your latest in-theater 3D sci-fi or superhero movie. No CGI or graphic rendering, no effects team ever hired, half the movie published with green screens, concept sketches, and the stick figure previews the motion capture cameras generated while filming the movement actors. The only way to see the effects is to aim your mobile phone camera at the movie screen if you happen to have one and managed to download a decent 3rd party fan app during the previews, that attempts to render all the footage into 3D polygons in real-time, induce where the explosions, space ships, and fully animated creatures are supposed to be located, then display them with the least lag and maximum video/audio quality allowed by the phone's processor speed, memory, camera resolution, screen size, microphone, speaker phone, and the effectiveness and accuracy of the app's algorithms.

The DVD throws in the bonus feature of clicking on the actual special effects they didn't render for the theatrical release because no one could imagine a moviegoer who'd want to be denied the live experience.
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