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Use a screen capture utility, save it out as .mkv (or whatever your preference), at least, that's what I've done, works pretty well. If you want to go further with it, put it in a video editor, overlay lyrics or add still images in some frames (altho syncing the music's kind of a pain when you do that). I like it because I can have the player on half the screen, capture a small rectangle, and change visualisations at key points in the music, makes for nice YT vids. I'm not sure what all's available in that department for windows, I'm on linux, so I'm using projectM & clementine for visuals/player, Simple Screen Recorder & kdenlive for the video. ISTR Vlc does screen capture tho I've never used it for that, but I think you have to capture the whole screen, which makes editing a nightmare, just my 2ยข
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