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Here's a video (of mine) that should put down that Milkdrop isn't fit for recorded works. I just spent a day/eon poring over 1745 presets trying to put together the most updated sets (w/o following your day-to-day progress), and that would work best with my own music. After all this, one preset stood out that synched radically well with one of my newer songs. Watching the video, you can actually imagine that the visuals were designed frame-by-frame to fit the song (allowing for a certain lyrical interpretation, e.g., as I finish saying "god of thunder", you can imagine the white flashes were consciously inserted to denote lightning).

Parkour and freerunning were the foundation for the lyrics, but I also designed them to be versatile; the word "run" can mean run a program, or run as in politics. That versatility cloaks the accidentals between my song and what the Milkdrop viz is haphazardly pulling out of it (if that sounded smart). The viz is "martin - witchcraft reloaded", though I've credited Martin and fiShbRaiN in the title, as Martin (or Nitorami; see 2nd message in this thread) explained how foundational fiShbRaiN's "witchcraft" was for other visualizations (after which I started to see this, noticing the +fiShbRaiN in the titles, etc).

I think I've really tapped Milkdrop here rather than killed it (?)...
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