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Virtual Insanity?

Just a quick poll: how many folks have VR headsets these days?

I was given a performance award at work about a year ago that came along with a monetary value. I decided to put the money towards something I would otherwise never purchase. So, an Oculus Quest it was...

I don't believe I'll purchase another console again and will stick with VR. Though the Quest is great, I will probably purchase a Vive when the time comes. My biggest complaint with the Quest is tracking problems.

Oh, I also purchased a beast of a PC (first PC I've purchased in 15 years [I'm an avid Mac user]!) to enable the Link on the Quest. The darn GPU (radeon rx 5700 xt) in the PC I purchased is basically it's own blade server... my how we have advanced in the past 15 years.

Oh, and this on beat saber is $@$* epic!

Cool beat saber video

Sadly I'm about as good as this woman, though she's got the edge on me...
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