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Originally Posted by fc*uk View Post
Just a quick poll: how many folks have VR headsets these days?

I was given a performance award at work about a year ago that came along with a monetary value. I decided to put the money towards something I would otherwise never purchase. So, an Oculus Quest it was...

I don't believe I'll purchase another console again and will stick with VR. Though the Quest is great, I will probably purchase a Vive when the time comes. My biggest complaint with the Quest is tracking problems.

Oh, I also purchased a beast of a PC (first PC I've purchased in 15 years [I'm an avid Mac user]!) to enable the Link on the Quest. The darn GPU (radeon rx 5700 xt) in the PC I purchased is basically it's own blade server... my how we have advanced in the past 15 years.

Oh, and this on beat saber is $@$* epic!

Cool beat saber video

Sadly I'm about as good as this woman, though she's got the edge on me...

I call them Lefant.
Done well, I don't press for the first 15-20 minutes.
When used with Note 3 (screen 5.7 inches, screen width 12.5 cm), the picture quality is quite comparable to Oculus dk2, but cut off at the sides, i.e. the review is ~ 75 *, which is very distracting.
You can use a 13.5cm wide screen, but in that case you get 80 * views at best.
Movies in 3D look pretty decent, but with toys it's worse.
I can only compare with the oculus, I did not touch other vr devices.
If anyone has any ideas how to enlarge the image by stretching it to the sides, it would be great.
I'll try to screw it to the PC, if my opinion changes, I'll unsubscribe.
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