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Originally posted by DrO
the only changes to the song ticker in beta3 were to resolves issues with ratings were not showing correctly on change/when first loaded (related to the loading order of gen_ff and gen_ml) before playback started and an issue where the notifier was being incorrectly fired on startup - infact these changes mean there's more chance of the title being updated rather than a non-update. as such (since i've barely followed the forums for the last week and a bit) it looks like the title thing is isolated to yourself (unless i've missed it from anyone else).

with the ml issue, i remember sometalk about that and the weirdness of how to repro it (i think it may have been) but i really don't remember seeing anything being done on the code level to even look into it (messing with gen_ff only a few days from final release is never a good idea as it'll cause more issues from past experience).

as for rectification of these issues (as it's nigh on impossible to fix something you can't repro yourself), i don't know who'll look into them since i've no way to test with a non-english xp system (plus i've done far too much on other things outside of my work remit and i need to sort out the rest of my things now). though one thing is that continuously posting about it makes it more confusing to keep track of things (as was indicated in the beta threads, even if there was no response things were at least read and attempted to be repro'd if possible)

Yep.. That seems to me that something is wrong in that songticker code... As you said, you changed something about it in beta3, and I got the problems... Then we know that there is something wrong...

"it looks like the title thing is isolated to yourself (unless i've missed it from anyone else)."
No, I am not the only one who are getting these problems (And I have tried it on two PCs - one with english windows, and one with norwegian, since I am from Norway).... A guy named "Soulstace" are also getting these problems..

So this means that it will never get fixed, or looked into at all? Bad, really bad.... So you think that it is not a "country-based problem"?

An idea (since 5.5 is released, you can try something before 5.51..):
What about copying the file(s) you think the problem is in (for both of the problems).. Then you try to change something in the code, and then you SEND the file to me (over the forums or PM).. If I no longer get the problems, then it is fixed and you know what the problem was... (Or you can send me some files from the old beta2 (1568) and we can figure out what file who are causing the problems)..
Try it out... I dont want these problems..

Keep up the good work... Winamp 5.5 is rocking besides these problems..

I can also confirm the "resetting desktop icons" problem.. It happened to me too... The icons were MOVED around on the desktop (no longer in the order I had them before)
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