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The above code example worked great for me, but now I realize that it detects the compressed size of my remote zip-files. Could anyone tell me how to detect the unzipped size without downloading the file, or is that not possible?

I turned Animaether's code into a macro, perhaps it could be of use to other beginners like me too:

Usage: !insertmacro SetRemoteFileSize section url-of-remote-file

!macro SetRemoteFileSize sectie bestand
inetc::head /TIMEOUT 10000 ${bestand} "$EXEDIR\http.headers"
Pop $0
StrCmp $0 "OK" _ok${sectie} _error${sectie}
MessageBox MB_OK "Non-fatal error! Could not detect file size of remote media $\"${sectie}$\"."
goto _end${sectie}
StrCpy $R0 -1
FileOpen $0 "$EXEDIR\http.headers" "r"
FileRead $0 $1
IfErrors _closeFile${sectie}
StrCpy $2 $1 16
StrCmp $2 "Content-Length: " _found${sectie} _nextline${sectie}
StrCpy $R0 $1 "" 16
goto _closeFile${sectie}
FileClose $0
IntOp $R0 $R0 / 1024 ;SectionSize requires kilobytes
SectionSetSize ${${sectie}} $R0

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