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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
it was downgraded due to the moaning you and others kept making about it, geez just can't please anyone.
you did the all you could and sticking with 2.81 is certainly the best solution!

Originally Posted by MaTTFURY View Post
Nope disabling Windows Aero (glass effects) does nothing to help my situation
we gave you the options there are. another would be running an old version of winamp in windows xp mode (or vmware etc.), avs runs faster than you'd expect. the winamp devs, most notably DrO, tried to improve the situation after years of halted development. now all they get is complaints - not fair!

...but this isnt helping if the general public were to use AVS to look at someone elses presets via the / dA site... :|
aaah, those 4 people will get over it!
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