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How do I replicate MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY as a "MUI_PAGE_FILE"

To expand, I can use MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY to select directories, I would like to have a visually similar page that allows me to select files.

I can't see anything that does it.

I can't find anything about the source of MUI or MUI2 to scan for the values used, or any mention in the forum. (No doubt it is all over there ==> and I've just missed it completely! )

I have eyeballed-up something that looks similar, but if the source, or even just the real size and location values and so forth used are around I'd like to know them!

Here is my looks-a-bit-alike code:
PHP Code:
Function MagicFile
!insertmacro MUI_HEADER_TEXT "Magic File" ""

nsDialogs::Create 1018
    Pop $nsDlg

${NSD_CreateGroupBox070u 10034u "Magic File"
Pop $0    ; And discard

${NSD_CreateFileRequest10u 85u 7012u $Magic.path
    Pop $Magic

${NSD_CreateBrowseButton7683u 2015u "Browse..."
Pop $Magic.Button.control
${NSD_OnClick$Magic.Button.control BrowseMagic

It works, but it isn't quite right.
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