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3 days ago I saw a man in the bus on the way to my Therapeutic Exercises. He used the newer generation of in-ear-phones, and I heard 3 metres away, that he listened to Hardcore Techno. These are his own ears, not mine, and after some years he will experience his surprise. The doctors have warned again and again, that especially these in-ear-phones are very dangerous. Also I myself say, on-ear-headphones are much better.

There are times, where the tenants are allowed to play their trumpets and to use their drilling-machines, and there are times, where they are not allowed to do that. I mentioned already, that for our keyboards we use the Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro, and I do that also for my notebook and sometimes for my PC. If not, then I have the loudspeakers at very low volume. We don't disturb the neighbors. If I am on the couch with my notebook on the couch table and if I have started Winamp, then Frank can hear also 3 metres away, if the current song is Dub Techno or Ambient & Downtempo.

The Beyerdynamic headphones are half-open. In the previous year another band member had bought new headphones from AKG, and as Singer & Songwriter she needs closed headphones, because half-open and open headphones would disturb the vocals recordings.

I had bought my Archos 43 and the Sennheiser PX-100ii in May 2012. I didn't listen to music outside very often. Mostly again the next terrible destiny had happened, and then I was not in the mood for the music outside anymore for many weeks. I was very careful with the device. It began after this Summer, that the output didn't work anymore, sometimes 1 channel, sometimes both, sometimes the volume was too low. I wanted to do tests with other headphones. Again I wanted to connect it with my notebook, I clicked connect, but my notebook wasn't able to see it. I disconnected it, terminated all running apps and waited for the self-turn-off. When I wanted to turn it on again, it was not possible anymore. One of the service shops said, it is pending on what did get broken, another one said, it cannot be repaired anymore.

I really didn't lease the luck...

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