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A bunch of suggestions:

Try to differentiate as all the previous posters pointed out. Question is how. There are multiple ways, but the idea should be to make radio as interactive as possible. The idea is to retain the listeners you have and generate enough word of mouth to get new ones. So somethings you can try out are:
1. Allow people to dedicate songs. Especially interesting if you have a live DJ and you can maybe setup skype calls or something(could be just couple of shows a day)
2. Allow people to vote to select songs that are playing.
3. Allow people to chat while listening. Something like a shoutbox. Basically create the community feel.
4. Segment and target. Use different time slots to play different type of songs, rather than a mixture of everyting.
5. Extreme step but would be very impressive. Allow people to DJ. The way you can implement this is ask people who are interested in DJing to mail you. They don't need to be professional DJs. Then you can basically setup a skype call with them and transfer the stream over shoutcast (their voice)and either you play the songs or you can setup a vnc connection which would allow them to. I know kinda long stretch but what the hell.

I think your option in terms of promotion are rather limited, so I won't go in there, so you have to differentiate with product.
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