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I was pointing out to his A-Z and A-B example, since I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

As far as I know, shoutcaster is A, the streamserver is B and the listeners are Z, which is the correct order in the timeline.

What does this buffer command I refered to do then?

; - buffer size in seconds if buffer is adaptive
; Default = 1

If this is not setting a delay, what does it do then?
It would mean that the radio will broadcast, even if the buffer isnt fully filled (90 secs)?
What's the use in that?
Will this feature be added in a future release then? Cause it's something that is really usefull.

Maybe someone could help clarify what the timeshift command, that methecooldude pointed out, is for?
(Thanks for taking the time to search for that methecooldude)
Anything that could help me set this delay up.

Maybe even point me in a direction of a broadcasting program that does support this feature?

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