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Originally posted by FLICR-Radio
I've got sc_trans 2.0 running and I've checked throughout the posts for more information on the crossfading - I don't think this question has been answered directly, so here goes: The older sc_trans had a crossfade mode setting that determined the fades at the front and end of a file: 100->100, 100->0, 0->100. This allowed us to set up a crossfade where the next file started playing at full level while the current one faded out, the overlap determined by the crossfade length. I think this is a very important feature and I would like to ask that it be included in version 2 if at all possible. The "V" fade mode seems to be the only one supported in the new version - the music licensing folks want to have healthy overlaps to discourage stream ripping...
This is also something I am highly interested in seeing re-added and remember asking about it in the Beta 3 or 4 thread last spring.

Did this feature make the cut for Beta 6?
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