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You won't believe me...

When I installed this new version (and choosed new Winamp Modern skin), installed Winamp Essentials 5.51 and started program - Winamp disappeard!!!
First time I saw something like that...
Winamp showed himself only for first 1-2 sec. and then disappeard. There is only a process, not window.

Anybody knows what happend??

Installation on the older (5.5 Final) version was the cause.
In 'new' place, theres no problem.

EDIT (2):
At old place, when I select Bento skin, Winamps launches 'normal'.
1. ML doesn't show up.
2. Taskbar button doesn't show up.
3. Playlist doesn't show up.
But look at the screenshot I made.

EDIT (3):
Wow, what a buggy version...
1. Error feedback doesn't work (R6025 - pure virtual function call).
2. New EQ doesn't work either...

You know what? I'll wait for new final version...

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Sorry, but we can't reproduce any of this...
ps. see first post, re: no imageshack!

[Edit #2]
Not sure if this is what you meant, but we can reproduce a problem where if Winamp Modern skin is closed in a minimized state, it disappears from the taskbar on reopen.

Sorry for my bad English
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