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Winamp 5.51 Beta (Build 1741) to Winamp 5.51 Final (Build 1763) changelog

* 5.51 beta-specific issues

- Improved: [in_dshow] Only read bitrate/length on first play, not subsequent plays*
- Improved: [ml_local] Query Editor minor memory optimization*
- Improved/Fixed: [in_flv] Bad/stuttery audio, crash on seek fix & other optimizations*
- Fixed: Dragging/scrolling of songticker text after resize
- Fixed: Gracenote CDDB Editor genre selection glitches
- Fixed: [gen_ff] TrueType replacement font change not updating in real-time
- Fixed: [ml_autotag] Crash when track isn't part of a disc, eg. internet-only releases
- Fixed: [ml_local] Two filters always checkmarked in Edit View for Simple views
- Fixed: [vis_milk2] Crash when exiting fullscreen back to attached Modern skin window
- Fixed: Winamp disappears on reopen, if previously closed when minimized to taskbar*
- Misc: Made Milkdrop2 the default vis plugin on clean installs
- Misc: More gen_ff/Bento miscellaneous tweaks
- Misc: Various other minor tweaks
- Misc: Winamp Toolbar now also includes support for Firefox
- Updated: Bento skin #117
- Updated: Gracenote MusicID/CDDB v2.5.1
- Updated: [vis_milk2] MilkDrop 2.0c
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