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Hey there, I was having this problem all last night and I saw all the threads that had horrible advice on how to live stream your microphone through shoutcast. Unfortunately we don't all have fancy soundcards with the stereo-mix option, so some of us have to emulate it.

Download a program called Virtual Audio Cable.

Install the program.

In the Virtual Audio Cable Configuration screen create 2 virtual audio cables.

Open 2 instances of the Sound Repeater program.

On the first instance make Wave In Line 1 and Wave Out your default computer speakers.

On the second instance of Sound Repeater change Wave In to Line 1 and Wave Out to Line 2.

Change the default sound output of whatever program you want to broadcast sound from to Line 1.

Change your default system microphone in your recording settings of your computer to Line 2.

Change Shoutcast input to Soundcard input and chose your microphone.

Now I used this to live broadcast my sound from Ableton but I am sure the idea is pretty similar to all programs where you are allowed to change the audio output.

I feel your pain on how bad of a situation this is the remedy, I literally spent a good 5 hours trying to figure this out last night and when I came on here and saw a similar problem I couldn't help but register and try to help.
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