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I fucking love Denny's.

In the months following our relocation from the States to Australia, I envisioned that when we went back to visit, we would CERTAINLY hit WA state to catch up and reminisce with old work friends up that way.

Over time, that urge has diminished, due to losing contact with ALL of those folks as I don't use facebook and have only recently taken up twitter. They all had my email address, but after the initial flurry of "we'll miss you" exchanges, there's been almost complete radio silence for the past few years.

One bloke – back then a line cook and now head chef at a fancy Tacoma restaurant – shot me an email out of the blue a few months ago. We were close back in the day, but it turned out he was just checking to see if I was still alive, and had no interest in re-establishing even semi-regular contact. That was a sad realisation for me.

So bugger WA state, we'll get our pot from CO instead. Any suggestions for meth? If the TV series Justified is to be believed, KY may be a good option for that.

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