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Originally Posted by warwolf7 View Post
when I try 24bits, it works, but there is a terrible kind of like a white noise really louder than the music. I can hear the music underneath, but very low.
This description perfectly fits into how 24 bit truncated to 16 bit sounds. On the other hand YASAPI perfectly works on your system as it is supposed to do. There is no error reported back from your environment, i.e. the WASAPI interface/drivers to your device installed on your system. Also I'm pretty sure that YASAPI 24 bit works and indeed sends 24 bit to the WASAPI interface/drivers because that's exactly what I'm using day in day out.

Early versions of YASAPI called IAudioClient::IsFormatSupported prior to IAudioClient::Initialize. As it turned out, on some systems IAudioClient::IsFormatSupported failed where indeed IAudioClient::Initialize would have been possible. That's the reason why I dropped IAudioClient::IsFormatSupported because it prevented YASAPI to run on those systems wihout having any benefit on other systems.

It would be interesting to know what IAudioClient::IsFormatSupported is reporting back on your system and hence I brought it back with the new version as an option.
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