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Originally Posted by warwolf7 View Post
Could the WASAPI driver be the problem?
The short answer ist yes, for me it looks exactly that way. But it's hard to tell from a distance. For the long answer cf. the above post What is YASAPI?.
Originally Posted by warwolf7 View Post
It seems like it's not supported... But the thing is, I'm sending 24bits using windows test in the soundcard property(see attached image of my previous post) and it works.
To me it looks like your WASAPI driver truncates 24 bit to 16 bit while writing to the device, possibly while using the methods of IAudioRenderClient. That it seems to work from the system control is because that's a complete different story, the system control is for configuring DirectSound, and I'm convinced that "out_ds" is working on your system.
Originally Posted by warwolf7 View Post
So in shared push mode it works, but only if I set the soundcard to output 192kHz/24bits and I also need to play a audio file in the 192kHz/24bits format.
This is also strange. That, in shared mode, the sample frequency had to exact match what is configured in system control dates back until Benski entered the scene and proposed to make use of the AUDCLNT_STREAMFLAGS_AUTOCONVERTPCM flag in IAudioClient::Initialize. This is provided as an option on the "Device Options" page of the configuration dialog. Please double check whether "Auto Convert PCM" is enabled. If that is the case and does not work I consider it another hint that your drivers only provide a limited WASAPI support.

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