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Stewart Baker
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V5.04 crashes

I have been using various versions of WA for some time with very good results. Recently I upgraded from V5.03 to V5.04 and have been having great difficulty in getting it to work. It crashes almost immediately I try and do something,gives the Windows error report window then closes.
I have read the FAQ's on the subject and have tried the following:-
Tried 5.03, now gives the same problem
Uninstalled 5.03 and 5.04.
Removed Winamp directory and Winamp.ini and Winagent.ini
Ran a registry cleaner program
Ran Spybot S&D
Ran Kaspersky virus checker
Ran HighJack and produced log (file attached)
(I have looked through the file, but can find nothing suspect)
Re-booted system (XP Home)
Reinstalled DirectX drivers (V9)
Dissabled Kaspersky and re-installed V5.04
Still the same problem.

Is there something that I have missed ?
Help very much appreciated.


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