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Plugin not allowing out_ds crossfades.

So, as you probably already know, I'm developing Opus codec support for Winamp plugins. I've got opus file playback itself working, tags support working, whatnot support working...

The current thing that is driving me crazy is I can't figure out why, or even how, the plugin is disallowing out_ds.dll from being able to crossfade the playback and have come very nearly to my own rope's end on the matter.

I'm attaching the latest version of the plugin in the hopes that maybe somebody else can figure out what I'm doing wrong in maybe my sequence of calls or the threading of playback or whatever.

This version of the plugin is built against the libraries required to run downloadable from here: Only three files from that archive are required in the plugins folder for it to work: libopusfile-0.dll, libopus-0.dll, and libogg-0.dll

It does look like out_ds is pre-gathering buffers before it starts output so I'm a bit confused at the moment as to how this is happening. I'll consider every theory thrown at me.

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