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Art comes in the strangest of times ...

stttafffy, welcome to the thread, your weed is really bringing the best of you ... if this is the quality in which you get when you are high, I can almost wonder what you can write when you are sober ... ... good work keep it coming.

Today's contribution come in a different kind of tune ...

: Heart Slaves

We are slaves of our hearts
Whatever it wishes we provide
Whatever it fancies we supply
we battle the unseen just to get
the diamond that sits in the sky

Yet our hearts often flikers
Never knowing what it wants
Seldom the same from one second to another
often not remembering yesterday's lover

Like a drunken monkey
our hearts will wander
until one day some passer by
will come and cage it inside
their walls of solid will
with candy words and sweet aroma
the passer by soften our hearts
and captures our hearts desire

At the end we are still a slave to our hearts
and the love of our life becomes its master
Now this is something I just cooked up, it sounds a bit different from my usual work, but hey, nothing new, nothing gained ...

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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