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Welcome Dave ID ... your words are touching, strong and sober. I can feel a tad of anger within the words, like shouting for attention. Touching. Like something I would expect when I listen to smash mouth songs.

Will visit your site soon, and I hope to be able to hear your songs as well. You have any site that allows your MP3 to be downloaded?

Again ... thanks for sharing.

And here is todays contribution.

: Inner Child
Might be a light in the dark places
inside those corners of our heart
a scared childs tears hanging upon hope
praying that an adult will come and save them

The older we get
the more our child inside scare
suffocating from lack of laughther
dying from unpopular opinion

Yet it is this child
that will save our life
where the child can see a better future
a time where people are actually nice
and not just with good acting skills

oh how I wish I could let my inner child live again
so that I can laugh like tommorow does not matter
and the past becomes just a memory
where the present rules supreme
a child with candy in hand
smiles of an angel
peace of mind
freedom at last
Enjoy your days people.

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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