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I was thinking about the decaf thing and things have changed. It used to be decaf was made out of bits and pieces, overstock and floor sweepings. I got some Ethiopian Ogsaddey Dry-process Sidamo decaf yesterday that is awe.... freaking.... some...

What is just some pretty good coffee is a Costco brand "San Francisco Bay" Columbian in either decaf or leaded.

When I was a young guy, Seattle was the only place in the country you could get a decent cup of coffee. Luckily I was there. As the attitude changed that we don't like drinking Folgers much, so has the quality of the decaf unless it's Folgers.

It's funny. I still like Folgers if I'm camping, but it must be percolated and boiling hot. Maybe it's just nostalgic or something. I still have a percolator.
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