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as an update on this (mainly for my records), the ability to update the station name when a new source connects is now present in the internal v2 DNAS builds but there is no support in the Transcoder to do it yet (won't happen until work on it recommences). the only thing is that it will not update when the stream is public as that conflicts with the authhash system and is something which needs to be looked into down the road.

additionally, DJ, IRC, AIM and ICQ values will be able to be updated from the source irrespective of the stream being public or private. the DJ value is going to be the preferred way (since the other values are never used by the site) for identifying specific DJ connections via the Transcoder, etc and with changes in the v2 DNAS, should allow for specifying the DJ name when connecting even with v1 based sources without any update on their side.

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