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Big bento/bento/ modern skin and another bugs on Win7

there is a problem with winamp since i install win 7 un my pc :

1.- when i start winamp (current version 5.621), i start it with classic skin, cuz if i don't this message apears in the top of the screen is RED with Black

"Script Failure , Press left mouse button to continue,
guru meditation #001C.00180210.30 Null object call


and crashes.... it happens all times that i want to change the skin from classic to anyother.

2.- the second problem about win 7 and winamp is that when i star winamp (the current version 5.621) and i close it.... well it keeps running in background, when a try to start it again it won't start and when i finaly get taried of waiting, i open the task manager and when i look up for the winamp prosess.... there're 10 proseeses of winamp.exe executing at the same time, but non of them are working actualy.. there are just freze up there, the only way to make it work, it's closing all of the proceses "winamp.exe" and executing again...... it's a little frustraiting cuz in win Xp it did'nt happen...

if there's any solotion for these issues please tell me

Thanks guys Winamp 4Ever
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