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First: LOVE Winamp. It's been my player for, like 15 years. Great job. Looking forward to seeing the Android version get better and better.

I filled out the survey, but I'll drop my suggestions here too, so everyone can marvel at them. =)

Four features:
1) Customizable keyboard shortcuts
2) Swipe-sensitive lock screen player
3) Toggle to keep playlist on screen after song selection (instead of switch to album art)
4) Queued songs take priority over Random.

In depth:
1)Customizable keyboard shortcuts.
Use case is specifically driving: I want to mount the device, press play, and never touch it again (in accordance to laws in Ontario). I want to then mount a mini Bluetooth keyboard to the steering wheel. Then with a single keystroke (by touch type, not taking eyes off road), control Winamp like I would a computer. Next, back, stop are the most important.

Note: customizable for sure, not just media keys. All mini keyboards I see require FN+key to access the media buttons, and a two-button press isn't conducive to safe driving.

2) Better lock-screen controls
This is more of "at the gym". Phone is on treadmill, in lock mode. It's nearly impossible to hit the tiny next button. Would like "swipe to switch tracks, double tap to stop" anywhere on the screen. (Well, except for the unlock button, I suppose). It would be amazing if this would work while the screen's off, but I don't know if that's even technically possible.

3) Play from playlist toggle option.
Whenever I have the song list up, I tap a song. The song list vanishes, and the stupid cover art comes up. I don't care about the cover art, I just was to keep seeing the playlist. Maybe I mistapped and played the wrong song. Maybe I want to tap around and listen to the start of a few songs. Maybe I want to browse the list while the current song plays. I really have absolutely no use case for the album art screen.

4) Queue like on desktop that takes priority over Random.
The #1 killer feature for me on Winamp desktop is the queue. I love to play on Random, but when I want a specific song, I find it and hit Q. My desired song plays next, then goes back to random. Would LOVE this feature on Winamp.
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