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Nullsoft Musepack Decoder v1.0 Beta Released

Nullsoft Musepack Decoder v1.0 Beta

-Global 'Allow 24bit', 'Use Replay Gain', etc settings in Winamp > Prefs > Playback
-ReplayGain Analyzer (saved to APEv2 tags)
-Media Library metadata importing
-Burning to Audio CD (via: ML > Rip & Burn)

For use with Winamp 5.3x and above.
Please confirm that you are using the latest version when reporting any issues.

Note that many of the redundant options/settings have been removed from in_mpc config.
Alas, transcoding is currently broken with newer versions of Winamp :-(

Plugin is provided 'as-is' for beta testing purposes only. Support will not be provided.
Please report any issues/bugs in this thread ONLY. Any feedback is welcome :-)


Update: 23rd Dec 2009

-Repackaged with required nscrt.dll so it'll work on clean installs of 5.571+
-Cleaned up Prefs dialog
-No other code changes whatsoever (ie. no SV8 support, transcoding still broken).
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