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Rating to metadata

This is mostly a request to the developers of plugins like RateIt or Toaster (or any plugin developer). There are obviously many people who are against writing song ratings to the files themselves (in metadata), but I would love to be able to do this via Winamp's media library and playlist (or perhaps via a hotkey while a song is playing). The reason is that if you just rate it via the winamp media library, the rating is lost every time you move or rename your files. As such, it is useless for me to even bother ever rating my media this way. I would much rather rate my mp3s via the comment field or something.

Any thoughts? Does anyone have any interest in developing anything like this?

Before you write "develop it yourself, lazy bastard" please understand that I'm not a computer programmer, and that I'm very kindly asking if anyone is interested in developing something like this, not demanding it or complaining about it's inexistence.
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