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Originally posted by Hixie
most hosts have SpamAssassin installed just update your filters to blacklist and delete email titles marked *****SPAM**** also dont post your email in its orginal form as you get loads of email spider bots crawling these forums take away the @ and replace it with something like (at) or just dont post your email at all if you want someone to contact you just post an im user name and on a last note if you receive an email from someone called contacto dont do the dumb thing and run the scr file he sends you, if none of the above works look at the email properties/message source and contact there host, your email is like your phone number you wouldn't just give it to anybody, nor can they just best guess it they have to find it from somewhere
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this mail i recieved has nothing to do with what you just posted, this guy got an E-mail from me asking how to listen to him. i didn't send it and it had an attachment with a virus.
he just replied with how to listen to him.
my e-mail adress was found on another computer in the adress book -the other computer most likely has no good protection against spyware that harvest adresses

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