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Unfortunately Spam is a fact of life now.

There's lots of anti-spam programs out there that can be used.

Rule number one for cutting down on the site spam... Use a cgi mailer form or the like for receiving email on your website and don't post any email addresses anywhere on your website. There's lots and lots of programs now that just hunt the net for email addresses on websites and in forums.

Also a lot of spam is auto-generated based on finding your addy on your website.. and when you respond to the spam, instead of deleting it, you're confirming your email address... this is especially true for Scam Spammers. Taking the time to toss a temper tantrum at the spammer only confirms a valid email address.

Most people who gets tonnes of spam get it because they don't follow those two simple rules or sign up for things on-line where there's no guarantee of your email addy being passed on to a third party. Be smart and your spam won't be so bad

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