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Originally posted by missyob
no, my computer had to be totally reformatted and the disk that I had them all backed up on was destroyed.

I guess I will just keep going through all the threads someday.
~ Missy
My suggestion would be to start with your earliest posts and work your way up to present day. You've got a little under 3000 posts, if you recruited just 10 people you reasonably trust (these are publicly available photos we're talking about, not exactly national security) you could split the work up between everyone (for instance, Scor could look at your posts between Aug. 2001 and Jan. 2002; I could do jan-jun 2002, etc.) and you'd have all the picts you ever posted here back in a week or two at the outside. Distribute the work out and the problem is a lot less tedious(if you can find willing victi...err volunteers ).

I was away for a while.
But I'm feeling much better now.
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