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\o/ 10000 images. so glad you could somehow do that.

test resaults:

-when adding new images they arent the same size as the rest of them (i have them set to the 4:3 aspect ratio)
-the imageles listview is seriously borked! it makes hotlist put out endles error messages

this is all i could find wrong so far

the playerles avs sounds great. it would be even better than the limited hotkey passing, because if you klick the avs window that option kinda fails now. i gues youd have to add some replacement for winamps little vis thing because there would be no way to check if the signal is too strong (other than a simple preset, which youd have to put on every now and then).

btw: can you make the titles in the 'small' listwiew aligned left and somehow make the whitespace at the end of the title smaller. right now the white and the text take most of the space on the list.

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