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I'm really sorry. I lost a lot of important pictures in a fire. If the drive still has the data, you try some of these filesystem utilities. After a format, it isn't really promising, but this is my best shot.

Undeleting files is twitchy, but after a format.... not promising... I am sorry, but this is my best shot.

If there is recoverable data, using the computer can only scramble things worst. You might seek professional help, but rebuilding a wiped filesystem would be a hunt and peck approach.

The data may still be there, but ????. I dunno. Doesn't sound good.

Sorry. With the file allocation tables gone?. If you posted the pictures someplace?. You almost must have to display them here. You didn't serve them off your own machine?. Are they still on a server someplace?.

If you look at and find "The time machine", maybe they grabbed some?.

Disk you backed them up on "destroyed". How destroyed?. If it's not totally destroyed, like maybe damaged. That might be a place to look for recoverable data.

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