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it will be updated at some point, just that there were enough api changes in 1.1.3/1.1.4 that means it will take longer to do the required updates. i also believe some more cleanup is wanted to be done to the plugin (seeing as it's a nullsoft modified version of the reference code and things aren't done as well as they could be done).

also seeing as 1.1.4 was only released on the same day as 5.33 (i'll assume that's what you meant when refering to 2.33 in your post ) there was never going to be any chance of things being updated (and wasn't going to be done for 1.1.3 when there were far more important things to do - like updating the media library to be unicode compatible).

give it a bit of time and something will appear, just don't ask when for the time being

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