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Originally posted by DJ Egg
Disc # is supported, Year and Date are the same.
What 'Remove' button are you referring to?

Extended/special vorbiscomment fields are already being considered.

Besides all that, the original request has been implemented in Winamp 5.34:
Nullsoft FLAC Decoder v2.0, based on FLAC 1.1.4
good start. still, if we're being restricted to *only* the extended-info fields that are hard-coded into the plugin, there should be more there for what you might find in a properly-tagged live recording... "taper", "venue", "date" instead of "year" (since the actual vorbiscomment field is "date" and not "year"), etc. Also, "genre" probably shouldn't be a drop-down box, as VorbisComments do not have a specified set of genres to choose from -- the user can put in anything they wish.

in any case, all this extended stuff wouldn't even need to be argued about if a true "extended info" section were implemented as it is in the OggVorbis plugin. the genius thing about VorbisComments is that there can be an unlimited number and variety, so why are all the plugins thus far so severely limiting this functionality?

the "remove" button i refer to was in all the old builds i've seen -- essentially in one press (even if accidental) it would strip all info out, and save it, with no possibility to undo. glad to see that's gone. now i'm off to update my winamp install, hehe.
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