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my fix was going to be re-doing most of the AS plug-in (as i had about done) so it's not MFC / ATL dependent (which is where the issue lies with the current and older builds) and targeting it against Winamp 5.5+ only (yes i'm sure that would annoy people but 5.5+ came out 4.5 years ago) so there's no need to then redistribute any CRT dlls since it'd be using the vs2008 runtime which Winamp uses - the end result of that was a 140kb dll with most issues resolved.

i had also been looking into updating it to a newer protocol specification but i've not found the time or interest to work on the plug-in especially when i don't use personally (and annoyingly i've now just had to go through and change my password due to their incompetence). so it's just current sat in a folder in a half-done state which is off no use to man or beast.

though maybe i should find the time to get it sorted (assuming i can find the source code after the hard drive crash i had last month) since lots of people are probably going to have issues either way from the security breach by not being able to edit the password easily since that's where the plug-in will crash in most cases.

am trying to find my code for the plug-in but looks like it's not on the failing drive (or has just gone) or i've got it on another backup somewhere but nothing is jumping out at me currently *joy*

and a few minutes after that edit i found it along with some other things i'd been looking for as well - must remember that putting a backup in a safe place is somewhere that i need to be able to remember easily, heh. obviously that doesn't mean i'm anywhere in a position to work on finishing it off (especially when i've just had to put all of my plug-ins on official development hiatus) but at least i know where it is now which is better than 2 hours ago.

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