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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
That doesn't seem to affect the visual discrepancy issue. I gave a brief example in jph6t's thread to a similar comment.
I wasn't saying it affected the visual discrepancy issue. I was saying that your statement doesn't hold true in that case, meaning the v1 tab can NOT contain whats in the basic or v2 tabs IF its not part of that v1 code list. I thought it important to make that clear, b/c your statement did seemed to imply what you said would hold true for ANY value, which of course is false. so in other words, I was just trying to clarify and be precise.

but a lot of the oomph of the implication of my question is lost with DrOs new build, and it seems this will all quickly become moot anyway.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
In this case, I think the metadata is read fresh (from DrO's comments), but for some unknown reason the displayed genre value is not updated.
right. I think what is partially addressed in the new build, is forcing parsing. the UI portion to be done for next build. that's all a guess based on what he said and what we now observe.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
But I agree that Winamp is inconsistent in when and how files are parsed. Sometimes even the related options are not followed. For example, I have selected the playlist editor option to read a file's metadata on load, display, or play. I also use a custom ATF string. Sometimes the full ATF string data is displayed on load and sometimes only on play. It seems to depend on how the file is added to the playlist.

Things like this I no longer complain about. Mostly because they have become very minor annoyances to me. When I did complain usually nothing could be done because of historical decisions in the Winamp design that would require a major code rewrite to change things. Anyway, I've come to accept small things (to me) like this as part of Winamp's personality.
I don't use those aspects, but they probably should be reported.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
OT warning:

I like these on or off topic back and forth discussions, if they don't turn testy and personal. Testy is fine, personal is not. I learn things from time to time. This time I've learned that the Alt+3 editor can be invoked by double clicking the playback scroll, I didn't know that.
preaching to the choir. as to the 2nd point, I think you did know about it, u just forgot. that's what my "apply" button request for alt+3 was about.

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