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and these posts have what to do with the Source DSP...?

Winamp has been able to run without the need to use the registry for years, with more formal support added in 5.1x to run in an effective portable mode (as a number of the 2.x releases used the registry for information fyi).

the winamp.ini option to add/set is no_registry=1 in the main [Winamp] section which will then prevent registry writing and all that. and you can edit the paths.ini in the same folder as winamp.exe to have that able to control how / where Winamp will store its settings (subject to plug-in support i.e. a lot of old 3rd party plug-ins don't follow the API added in 2.9x to allow for this to work - even ones from the last few years!).

it's probably something which should be better supported than requiring people to find config options to manually set, etc such as via some sort of preference page or something like that.
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