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Also Picasa has been discontinued, this is the other thread "Another old faithful (Picasa) put to death.":

I had no possibilty anymore to use AIM on my PC or AOL Lifestream in Firefox or Chrome. Because of our unknown enemies Frank and I had to deactivate our Facebook-Accounts on 24th December 2014, and maybe we cannot return anymore, but maybe we also don't want that. I had mentioned this problem also in some other threads. Since that time Frank and I are so lonely. Only I myself can stop by on some of the websites from time to time.

Then also my E-Mail-Address (my AIM screen name) could stay alive. Losing E-Mail-Adresses because of very nasty people, it can happen very quickly.

But also in my loneliness I myself still can use Winamp on my PC (Vista) and on my notebook (Win 7). Will also I myself ever experience that with a Windows 10 Computer, after I didn't experience Windows 8 / 8.1? I myself had experienced Windows XP only for a short time because in the past Frank had some more computer-knowledges than I myself. Now I myself have some more computer-knowledges. Because we don't have enough true friends, we had to learn everything alone.

But whatever will be shut down as next, at least I want to be sure, that the forums, Winamp and Milkdrop will live much longer than I myself...

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